Excellent craftsmanship and first class materials are at the heart of the EXENTRI Wallets.

The wallets have a functional design with simple lines and are made of quality materials. High quality cow hide leather, lined with nylon to optimize the cards sliding movement and solid stainless steel for stability and endurance. The EXENTRI Wallet and Multiwallet also have a main locking device in adjustable stainless steel. Norwegian design.

EXENTRI Wallets are available in a wide range of colors and textures. 


EXENTRI Wallets are delivered in an elegant box in coloured carton with nylon interior.

Perfect as a gift to someone who deserves it – and to yourself.


RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID block technology in the EXENTRI Wallets protects your credit cards against electronic pickpocketing and private data theft. Tested by the Euro Lab for International Transaction Technologies (Elitt).

Today many cards contain a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. 
With this technology you can make payments without physical contact between the card and the terminal using NFC (Near Field Communication). Unfortunately, the downside is that cards with RFID technology could potentially be read by someone with a device equipped with NFC technology from a distance. This reading device could potentially read your cards through your clothes and wallet. This way a dishonest person could perhaps scan your personal information by placing him/herself close to your wallet, without you even knowing.

For that reason, the EXENTRI Wallets contain a RFID blocking nylon to ensure that your private information and credit cards are safe. To view the whole collection, 
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